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What is it?
At Pie R Squared, we do our best to use as many local ingredients as we can. Unfortunately, we are limited by Canada's climate and growing season, and so we can't get EVERYTHING locally. Sugar is one thing that we can't. But what we do, is ensure those who produce the sugar for us receive fair compensation for their hard work. Just Us! Makes that easy for us. Just Us is a coffee roasters Co-op and we are lucky to have two locations here in Wolfville. Just Us' mission is 'People and the Planet before profits' and so they partner with many small-scale, organic farmers in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, and ensure there is a fair trade agreement.

We purchase organic, fair trade sugar from Just Us, and they buy it directly from a group of small cooperatives in the region of Arroyos y Esteros in central Paraguay. Of course, we at Pie R Squared are aware that high sugar consumption is not good for our customers' health, so we use as little as possible in our products. But when we do use sugar, we can promise that we know exactly where it comes from, how it was grown, and how it was compensated for. You can find Just Us sugar in our fruit pies and pizza dough. For more information about this local business, visit www.justuscoffee.com 

Just Us! Organic, Fair Trade Sugar Pies Made With Just Us! Organic, Fair Trade Sugar Just Us! Organic, Fair Trade Sugar